In this wild place, you can rest!

This idea is hard to build in to our every day, and often we don’t allow ourselves this necessity, deeming it a luxury. Perhaps this change of scene and routine with the sway of the natural world can be the cataylst. Rest defines itself differently to all of us and Zuka lays itself before you with the invitation to rest in a multitude of ways….

Watching the sun rise from your yoga mat.

Walking with a guide – your senses and focus directed to the present moment, immersed in the language of nature, witnessing what is.

With a book and your sunglasses poolside overlooking the plains with only the need to look up now and then for game coming in to view.

On a massage bed, drifting off to the music of the bush soundscape.

Gazing through a daydream toward the distant sand dunes during your pedicure you didn’t have time for before you travelled.

Lying back on comfy cushions under the shade of the thatched roof in the tsala, with time for a little siesta after lunch.

A tea tray, because here you can stop for tea.

Mixing sundowners. Anywhere. A daily sunset ritual.

Listening in the dark for nightjars, hyena and lion.

And, simply sleeping in. No need for an early morning wake up call; nowhere to be other than just here.

“Today I’m flying low and I’m not saying a word…..
……Stillness. One of the doors into the temple.”


27°50’16”S   32°15’38”E

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